Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review and Giveaway- Amy Clipston

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

A very bumpy ride.

Emily Curtis is used to dealing with her problems while under the hood of an old Chevy, but when her mom dies, Emily's world seems shaken beyond repair. Driven from home by hospital bills they can't pay, Emily and her dad move in with his wealthy sister, who intends to make her niece more feminine---in other words, just like Whitney, Emily's perfect cousin. But when Emily hears the engine of a 1970 Dodge Challenger, and sees the cute gearhead, Zander, next door, things seem to be looking up.

But even working alongside Zander can't completely fix the hole in Emily's life. Ever since her mom died, Emily hasn't been able to pray, and no one---not even Zander---seems to understand. But sometimes the help you need can come from the person you least expect.
I read Roadside Assistance sometime during the fall of 2011, but since I hadn't started the blog then I don't have a review up for it and I thought 'well, better late than never' because this is one of those books that REALLY deserves a review.
Coming from someone who's never lost anyone that close to them, I still found this to be a really emotional read. While I haven't been this unfortunate, there were plenty of other elemental levels I was able to connect with Emily on. 
The characters are SO well developed, and you can't help but fall in love with Zander(ahhh).
I really loved the originality of this book, because while it focuses on the struggle of overcoming the death of a loved one and finding a way back to religion, Emily's car obsession really puts a twist on things here. I have to admit, I don't feel too clueless about cars all that much anymore. 
Anyone looking for a light contemporary with a bit heavier themes, I recommend RA. Wait, scratch that, I don't care if that's what you're looking for or not. This book is a MUST READ. Just read it. Please. Seriously. 
5 stars for Roadside Assistance!
Now, I was lucky to get into contact with Mrs. Clipston, and she was kind enough to offer up a bunch of awesome swag for everybody, as pictured below...
So, I'm only showing one of everything in the picture, BUT we have 2 copies of Roadside Assistance, 2 copies of Reckless Heart, and too many pens and bookmarks to count.
This giveaways going to work a bit differently since Amy gave away so much. :) So, here's how it'll go:
If we get 100 entries, I'll be giving one lucky winner a copy of Roadside Assistance AND Reckless Heart, a few pens and a bundle of all those lovely bookmarks.
If we get 200 entries, We'll have that one lucky winner getting everything I guaranteed them right up there, but we'll also have a 2nd winner who'll have their choice of Reckless Heart or Roadside assistance and also a bundle of pens and bookmarks. 
If we get 300 entries, we'll still have our first and second prize winner, but we'll also have a third winner who will receive either a signed copy of Reckless Heart or Roadside assistance with pens/bookmarks. 
If we get anymore than 300 entries, same odds as if we get 300 entries BUT any pens and bookmarks left over will be raffled out to another lucky 15 winners.
So, your goal? Get as many people as possible to enter, because in some really weird way, your odds of winning just get bigger and bigger. I think? 
I'm making this contest extra long, just to help everyone out, so take a go at it and goodluck, guys!

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  1. trying to avoid a creep basically its really though when you were raised to be nice to everyone :\

  2. Dealing with people who are intent on making me feel as small as possible.

  3. i had a really bad car accident almost 2 years ago and i've had a lot of recovery stuff that i've had to go through and continue to go through. i think that's probably the biggest obstacle i've ever had to overcome.

  4. Love Emily's car obsession. Losing a loved one in my life makes it more real.

  5. Really enjoyed this book! Having recently lost my mother I was able to relate to Emily (however, I was older and had more time with my mother Thank Good above). I did enjoy her car obession. It was a great read altogether. Deserves a 5 star rating!!

  6. We unexpectedly lost a close friend a year ago , it was so difficult for all of us . She left behind 4 young children .

  7. This sounds like a good book. I'd love to read it.
    O Norman

  8. Love Amy's writing! This is a huge PLUS!! Thank you for this contest!

  9. I overcame an abusive boyfriend - it is now what I refer to as my "prodigal years."
    Susan Ferrell

  10. Learning to deal with losing my husband. Would have been even harder had I not had the LORD to help me. And, of course the love of my family! Maxie ( )

  11. Dealing with the loss of a baby would have to be the most recent

  12. I love your books, Amy. You are awesome...

  13. I love your books, Amy. You are awesome...

  14. I have had to overcome the emotional fall out from having a hysterectomy. No matter how many times you're told that it's for the best, you always question if that's true or not.

  15. My mom passed away almost 9 years ago on Mother's Day weekend 2 weeks after I gave birth to my daughter. 2 of my Uncles, My Granny, & my Pop have passed away since then. It's been a hard 9 years. But God has been good to me.

  16. Emotional distress can play a number on you two

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